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🌈 access inclusive conversations about modern relationships and grow with people you feel close to.

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✊ here's to the curious ones, the questioning, the queer, the non-monogamous, the childfree, and the ones who feel different.

🏕 campfire is an online community to engage in realistic and thoughtful conversations about relationships, identity and sex. everyone sharing our values is welcome: we center minority groups and alternative lifestyles. you must be one of us or with us. sounds like home? join us to figure out and assert your authentic self. we're the community you've been looking for to grow—unapologetic.

what people say about campfire.

"I don’t feel a need to pretend. I feel seen and my experiences validated but I get to learn from others and create a space for other people to be heard too. I’m taking what I learn into other relationships in my life, colleagues, friends and family. More self aware."

— Grace (she/her)

"A place to learn about all aspects of self; love and relationships in a safe space with welcoming and respectful members who support you wherever you’re at on your journey."

— Catherine (she/her)

"Best online community I’ve ever joined. Safe, fun, super inclusive."

— Sonia (she/her)

"It's been my social and emotional intelligence life-saver this past year."

— Hanh (she/her)

"It's a beautiful community that is constantly growing and diversifying. I suggest that you go learn and find out more!"

— Cheyenne (she/they)

"Such an open-minded, knowledgeable and compassionate community. It's been a great way to learn from and connect to people all over the world on identity, politics, relationship styles, expression and more."

— Ge (they/them)

"I truly love this community. You are doing a great job at being inclusive, educational, and fun!"

— Corinne (she/her)

"campfire brought so much peace and tolerance to the way I see relationships and people now."

— Samy (he/him)

"Such a positive and heartwarming presence in this group! It's a judgment-free zone so you can feel vulnerable without feeling judged or unheard."

— Ashanti (she/her)

"It has become my new favourite inclusive space to talk all things love, relationships, food, film, polyamory and I feel truly supported. It’s become a really important part of my life."

— Abi (she/her)

"The most supportive, kind, inclusive and knowledgeable bunch of people I’ve ever come into contact with. Thanks for being my lifeline this past year!"

— Lois (she/her)

"An amazing space for amazing humans!"

— Steve (he/him)

"I wish my younger self had this amazing bunch of folks by their side growing up."

— Sophie (she/they)

why people love campfire.

🥰 it's a safe space for you.

our onboarding—designed with therapists, helps us figure out who you are and what you need, personally. we're obsessed about providing you with the safest and nicest experience.

👋 goodbye awkwardness.

like that friend who's great at helping you break the ice, we help you ease yourself into the campfire community with prompts and light group chats.

🏡 it's online but it feels like home.

based on research, the number of people you can interact with is limited to 15 in group chats, 50 on your feed and 150 on a single search query.

👀 your curiosity will thank you.

use keywords, hashtags and tone emojis to find the campfires your people are gathering around. all you have to do is join the conversation.

🌱 sharing means growing.

throw your thoughts and questions whenever you feel like it and add a tone emoji. your campfire will bring you new connections and culturally relevant knowledge.

💖 it's easy to keep up with others.

sync your calendar with campfire to share your availability and make it easier to catch up online and in-person with your new friends.

🙃 your secrets will stay secret.

connect your campfire profile to your facebook, linkedin and instagram accounts to identify your connections on campfire and keep your activity hidden from them.

✌️ your peace of mind is in our dna.

you can limit the length of your group chats and easily review the information you have shared online. we send regular reminders to delete group chats that don't spark joy anymore.