69 is overrated. discuss.

snippets of what people shared on campfire.


πŸ€” for a little more context: a secret member has suggested that the hype around 69ing online does not live up to its reality and it’s becoming way too overrated while not being as pleasurable or even achievable as portrayed.


How do you do 69 *online*? Asking for a friend.


has VR advanced that far yet? if not, what are they even doing?


Yeah when my Mom turned 70 that’s when she hit her stride 😁


I’ve enjoyed 69 a lot as I like that feeling of full body contact in any case. Having my partner pleasure me is less of a requirement and prefer just being able to focus on her. But if she’s going to be on top of me like that easier just to sit on my face facing forward.


I think it's good fun every now and then but it's definitely not a staple for me! I find it hard to focus on giving and receiving pleasure at the same time, I think I tend to zone in on one or the other. So a lot of the time I'm plenty happy for oral to be happening in just one direction at once 😊


I also think 69 is overrated. Sure it can be good, it can be great! For a bit :) But not even close to one of my favourites. Different heights can make it uncomfortable, and regardless of ones capacity to multitasking, I find it distracting as I’m not fully present in giving or receiving.


I think it's overrated, it's fun as foreplay now and then but I've never cum or made someone cum, man or woman, through 69, definitely overrated, plus I'm very short aswell so most my part ers have been too tall for it ti really be pleasurable


I think any specific act that got as much hype as 69 would be overrated. It's something that has its time and place and is good then, as, imho, does everything else in bed


I also agree, giving head is possibly my favorite sex act and it’s much more pleasurable if I can focus on giving. Also, true for receiving. That said, sometimes you end up at 69 just due to the raw hotness of the moment and the genitalia that presents itself πŸ˜‡


I'd just like the opportunity to get bored of a 69. 🀣Because "everyone knows" it's overrated then partners generally don't want to move to that position (unless it happens organically (but briefly) without choice) - so I've never really had a good chance to play until I'm bored.

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