Dating clinic: let’s share tips on how to overcome dating issues brought up by participants

snippets of what people shared on campfire.


i hate it personally that you have to figure out whether you're a couple or not. i feel old thinking in my previous relationships this was not a question. we just were—invested, and if not we would just stop seeing each other.


I struggle to approach people in person I'm interested in, in case I come across as creepy or scary. Does anyone have experience of how to overcome this fear?


We dig deeper to the root of the issue… if not approaching strangers, then where to find a date?


one good way to meet people is to find a hangout-spot, like a cafe, bar, shop, library and make it routine amd once yiu become a familiar to the place people recognise you as a regular and natural connections happen... basically like going to school or uni everyday when you're a kid.


It’s a bit of a double edged sword… on the one hand it’s pretty annoying that every relationship must be defined… on the other hand, without that definition it’s hard to agree on terms and communicate boundaries 😪

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