What are your best dating tips?

snippets of what people shared on campfire.


Give as much energy as you’re getting back. If you feel like you’re the only one putting in the work, it might be time to move on.


Most of my tips for online dating are based around looking after my own mental healthy, which usually boil down to "Dont' do it" 😅


Tell people what you’re looking for upfront.


Be as clear as possible with my boundaries and expectations, pro-actively. Also, on the other side, mention spontaneously what I know could be no gos for the other.Don't play hide-and-seek. Don't try to make me more desirable than I am. Show me as I am. With as much authenticity as possible.Don't ignore red and orange flags. Don't behave like a shopping list way neither.


Don’t spend lots of time screwing around with people who don’t give you anything back online. If they’re that bad at conversation online with you, they’re probably not that much better in person. If it’s not working, then move on.


But personally for me a big part of dating (even online albeit less) is about the games, anticipation, mental risk/reward etc... It's almost like foreplay which is also the best thing about sex 😺So I'm teaching myself to never rush it and wait to be certain of every turn of the road and the dynamics that make it happen at its rightful moment. Each of those turns can be very growing and beautiful when given more momentum through patience


I was concerned about this initially. I was worried how I would be perceived as a single guy looking for "all the wimmins".Turns out; actually not a big deal. If you're genuine people can tell. Also, I found having at least one other stable happy ENM relationship you can point to goes a long way.


Be divisive. Do not try to be mainstream or please the audience.


I’m single poly and I don’t personally see it as any different when I’m online dating. But as a single poly woman it’s probably easier. I have it written on my profile, so people know upfront. Sometimes they ask questions and I explain. As a man I think it would be more challenging.


It's probably already been said but my best dating advice is to set boundaries for yourself and the person you're going on a date with, no matter what type of date it is.I'm learning to be more vocal about myself and my space. I'm also learning now how to have more confidence in my body, my emotions and all that good stuff. It's a process but it's happening. I realized that if you don't say something especially during something that can be so intimate like a date - things you want to not happen WILL happen and it's not fun for anyone at that point. Therefore, have no fear and speak your truth. As above said, if that person doesn't accept it then move on. There's no point wasting time with people who are not on the emotional intelligence level that you are. It's like talking to a brick wall and that's not good.


1. Don't just swipe, read. (saw mention of old okc above, which was definitely the best) 2. If there's nothing to read move on.3. Don't just stick to your "type" as you never know what someone might be hiding behind their profile. I've had some fun conversations that haven't necessarily gone anywhere, but were still a nice moment in time.

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