what are you currently looking forward to the most right now?

snippets of what people shared on campfire.


this can be an upcoming social event, a personal milestone, a little adventure, etc. anything that currently has you excited!


Some time off work haha! Short n sweet


What the future will bring. There are so many possibilities right now (both good and bad) but it also creates a better focus on me living better and creating more personal growth. Onwards and upwards.




Work opportunities for immigration to Canada or US πŸ˜…On a personal side, trying to find a poly community in Tokyo


(curious question) are there poly communities in Tokyo? I was there some time back (my sister lived there) and I don't think she ever mentioned anything around the poly community. I am wondering if you need to attend some international meet ups (if you drink, the nomihodai meet ups are great) and maybe speak to people there. I'm sure someone will know someone and if not, you'll make some good friends


Poly people are everywhere, if you look hard enough. But depending on how accepting the social norms and culture are or not, it might become harder to find like-minded people.

Japan is pretty outdated in these terms as most people are still sticking to highly traditional views in regard to family and relationships. Language barrier is itself a very major problem as ~90% of Japanese people cannot speak English proficient enough and ~70% can't speak it at all. (numbers are made up based on my experience living in Hiroshima, Osaka, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Tokyo)In such a closed environment, it's suffocating to be so "abnormal" (from an outsider's point of view) as I do not fit in (and I do not want to either). So the only viable option is to try to get in a closed circle/network of poly people who have already found each other, which thanks to OKC, I'm taking promising steps toward it!

And I've been to International Gatherings, but tbh I don't like the vibe at all. I'm very strict in terms of whom I reach out to and whom I decide to spend time with, so these social gatherings where I don't know anyone and there's no guarantee that I'll meet anyone interesting, are just a waste of time, money, and energy.


I recently started buying plants and will be getting more to plant myself and I'm very very excited about the prospect of having a full-functioning garden. Especially since I'm planning on planting some vegetables and aromatic plants. Hopefully I don't kill them all but hey, at least I would have tried hahaha


I'm looking forward the most for my summer break this semester when I can finally go home... It's been a hectic schedule especially because I've been preparing myself for internship interviews. Also it's really hot here


I'm looking forward to the art building part of the residency in in, because maybe the amount of "why aren't you parading the stories of grieving mothers out there?" might take a backseat to what is being created.

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