what's the best thing you ever learned from a partner?

snippets of what people shared on campfire.


I'll go first! The best thing I learned was that your perception on yourself and/or things is not always how others perceive those things. I appreciate that he took the time to actually tell me how it all seemed to him rather than dismiss it as me being "weird".


patience and self-reflection


For me, it was the importance of going out and actively finding resources to learn from before you needed them.


I learned to accept compliments :) and basically to just receive the attention whether it was a soft gaze, some flowers or even a small service. Before that I would always think that there were some ulterior motives behind this kind of behaviorโ€ฆbut I guess it came from me thinking I wasnโ€™t worth it. He constantly showed me I was though and so I started to believe it as well.


Very practical: that web search is one of the most helpful thing on earth. You can basically find answers, learn new skills and get inspiration from/on the Internet.


That strictly applying the golden ratio at work was the most efficient way forward, at work and at home. Golden ratio = earning / personal investment.


A very specific one I learnt was to have a greater awareness of other people's energy levels and time commitment. I used to be very needy for my partner to be in constant messaging contact with when we were apart. But she eventually managed to get across to me that it took a lot of time and energy for her to compose messages and that I was putting a lot of pressure on for quick responses etc.I think I'm much more mindful of not putting undue pressure on people now ๐Ÿ˜Š


I learned I was capable of unconditional love and choosing connection and trust over insecurity and self-absorption. Unfortunately, the same partner also taught me loving someone unconditionally isn't enough, it takes two people ready for such a soul connection to flourish. But, this is an ability I've maintained and built upon over the years so that when I do find such a connection again it will, hopefully, last the test of time. โค๏ธ

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