How to play with fashion as a non-binary person?

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Hey y’all! I’m Cheyenne (they/them/theirs), and something to be said is that people definitely have a skewed view in what non-binary should be and, moreover, what our fashion should be as well. Enby fashion isn’t just looks tailored to white, androgynous and thin folk. There are so many options between, including and outside of femme and masc options that could and should be explored, especially for those of us who are enby and further marginalized.


Tbqh I don’t really have many options, so I just wear what I want either way and it’s non-binary because i am


IMHO: fashion should always be size-inclusive and accessible. It isn’t always. So as a non-binary bean, fashion turns out to be less about gender expression as it is trying to find pieces that fit and can work for you and playing with it so it can fit the aesthetic you’re putting off.


My biggest thing about my GNC (gender non conforming) identity is that my fashion tastes haven’t changed or narrowed significantly— but have expanded. A lot of this is also because I’ve embraced and learned my body type and utilised the tools to embrace nor longer care what people think about me.I feel like I actually have more room to play. To subvert gender roles. To add or remove masc and fem items from my wardrobe or outfit as needed.

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