what are the turnons and turnoffs of giving and receiving oral sex?

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Oral sex is a great part of my sexual interests, and my last partner didn't like it very much. Despite my efforts to provoke in her some interest about it, she always seemed to do it with hesitation and without pleasure.After we talked about it, she said she didn't enjoy giving it or receiving it, especially the second, because she was very sensitive in her clitoris and vaginal area, and she preferred penial penetration. So I'm wondering what are the reasons and skills that make you like or dislike oral sex?


That wouldnโ€™t work for me. I used to be in a relationship where she liked to receive but not to give. And while I live to give for various reasons, I think it creates an imbalance and the giver eventually feels left out (assuming the giver is also a passionate receiver).I want and need both.


Most of the time I donโ€™t enjoy receiving oral. (As a vulva /vagina owner). I donโ€™t know yet exactly why and whether it is possible for me to enjoy it. It also feels weird: why should I try to like something? I suspect I donโ€™t like it because I get most turned on by being submissive. I have had a short period in which I didnโ€™t give oral. It was my way to enjoy giving oral. Before I felt a sort of obliged to give, and after I refused it, it felt more as my own choice to do it, and not something thatโ€™s part of the deal when having sex


I don't particularly enjoy receiving oral. In the last few years, I've been fortunate enough to be physically intimate with people who were both eager to give and very good at doing so, but I've never really enjoyed it the way I thought I should I LOVE giving oral, but for me, I'm far more into receiving penetration when it comes to sexual pleasure. I'm not even entirely sure why I don't like receiving oral. It's not that it's overwhelming or doesn't feel enjoyable; I'd just rather receive penetration or perform oral on someone else


I donโ€™t like oral (receiving) on/in a bed. Elsewhere is fun. I like giving oral, itโ€™s usually a great dessert.

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