What helped you gain a better self-image?

snippets of what people shared on campfire.


aging ๐Ÿ˜…itโ€™s like i care less. iโ€™m happier with my body etc. learned to like what i didnโ€™t like about me when i was a kid and teen and young adult.


Aging to me too, plus I quit alcohol which necessitated a great deal of inner work - much healing in the process, but also greater clarity on who I am, what I want etc


For me it was putting my value in other things: mainly academics and my personality. I still struggle a lot with body image and bad days but I always remind myself that no matter how I look, I still have value because of everything else that makes me me.


So for me itโ€™s partly giving up on trying to meet family expectations which Iโ€™ve only recently done and starting to listen to what my heart says


Taking a look at what things are immovable about me, and what I actually do have influence on. I've always been the smallest kid, and even though I am tall now, I still carry this and still notice myself making me smaller. Things have gotten better with time and gym and simply looking at photos of myself. However now I feel like I'm making big steps again, after I learned how to apply lessons from meditating to daily life. Noticing the unhelpful thoughts and actions and dropping them or choosing alternatives.I really like this angle from 'the four agreements' where they say that everything you think and feel about yourself is simply an agreement you made with yourself (after a certain experience), and you can work to change these agreements about yourself. Easier said then done, but it gives such a feeling of agency about life to meโ€ฆ


started doing stand-up comedy, changed and evovlved my perception about so many things.. but also, helped me gain a better understanding of my mental health concerns, (most comedians hav some issue or the other ๐Ÿ˜)... learnt coping mechanisms, got my adhd n depression diagnosed in a better way (trickey to word this)... and the different people n thought processes I get to be around everyday is amazing...it's similar to this community (for me atleast) in terms learning n understanding people n myself


Since I've moved back to Paris, i've started a cross-training course. Told the coach I wanted to remain a skinny guy. I've finnally embraced being skinny vs being ashamed of it. Aging is cool.


therapy can do wonders. โฃ๏ธ


Caring what other people think is a waste of time and energy:)

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