Valentine special: celebrating self-love!

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🍫 Valentine’s day is traditionally the day to celebrate others in your life. Deeply rooted in hetero and mono normativity, it’s not surprising that most of us don’t seem eager to join the celebrations. so, in an anti-valentine’s day manner, we choose to celebrate differently by prioritising self-love. what does self-love mean to you personally?


I'm still not sure what self-love really means but I'm starting to think it really has to do with self-forgiveness. I don't feel confident about loving myself regardless of all my mistakes and flaws but I'd like to reach a point where I can forgive myself for them and learn to tolerate myself—like I do other people.


Sorry can’t chat much - doing a bit of … ‘self love’ 😏


Ive created an automation on my phone telling me each day at sunrise that:

• I am enough.

• I deserve love and kindness.

• I accept myself as I am.

• Mistakes are learning opportunities. I forgive myself.

• My worth is not defined by what others think of me. I am worthy on my own.

• Loving myself is not selfish. I matter too.

• Every day is a chance to start over. I choose to be gentle with myself.

• What's meant for me will not pass me by. I trust that I am on the right path.

• My mental and physical health are important. I make them a priority.

• It's okay to say no. I don't have to please everyone else. I matter too.


I think the biggest act of self love I now do is actively not think about some things.

I used to dwell on things that had gone wrong, opportunities missed, or even just fantasies like finding my father (who would obviously be a millionaire), or winning the lottery.

Now when I've been through a bad situation I learn what I could have done better (very important) and then actively ban myself from thinking about it again. Distract myself if I feel myself heading that way. It's difficult but life changing - better sleep, more optimistic outlook, less time wasted on things that I can't change.


This! especially the opportunities missed. The more I think about them, the more I resent myself so actively trying to not give in to re-telling them over and over again has helped a lot. It can almost be an addiction to think of all that went wrong 😅


Self love to me is about giving oneself what it talks to recover, recuperate and heal. It includes ample sleep, nutritious food, meditation, exercise, revisiting personal goals and connecting with one’s purpose.

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