what’s the best sex tip you’ve ever received?

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The best tip I ever received regarding sex?Jellybeans is all I’ll say 😁


We need answers haha


„There’s no such thing as too much of a lubricant” 😂


She cums first.


Although yes that’s always a good thing to prioritise a women’s / partners pleasure sometimes good sex doesn’t always have to revolve around cumming.


👋 just hopped in. All good points. I'd say the best tip I've received, was to 'say no'


If you feel unsure about something, just ask


Kind of surprised this hasn’t been said but probably the most important and applicable things I know is:Be present. Listen to your body. Listen to their body. Move well. Be compassionate and loving. Let go of shame and shaming in as much as you can. Be honest about the limitation when you cannot and work to move past it.Things I’ve gathered:Talk about everything and be as honest as you can be. Ask what feels good. Check what feels better.The clitoris is not a single point, it is a large and extending body, and it is a mistake to fixate on it. The penis is typically most sensitive in the area under the head, which I think of as it’s throat.Everybody feels things differently and wants different things, so assuming any thing is a constant will prove false.There are multiple erogenous zones and sometimes these will take over primary sensory stimulation from the bundle of nerves between the legs. Under the arms. The neck. The ears. The feet. The fingers. The breast. The belly. Inner thighs. Behind the knees. Nape of the neck. The mouth. Even more obscure places.It’s possible to bring some people to orgasm without touching their genitals.Kissing is ideally small and slow, at least at first, not big and fast. Explore before ravishing.Pull hair around the base of the skull and behind the ears and take a large grip. Other places can easily lead to neck damage and generally don’t feel as good.Bite slowly and pay attention to gauge how much someone can take.Cut your nails, especially the first two on your dominant hand, and look after your handsDon’t push down on someone’s head when they’re fellating unless they’ve consented to it.After fisting, do not remove your hand immediately or quickly. Relax and gradually allow it to slide out.Don’t do tantric or ‘energetic’ exercises with ppl who are crazy, untrustworthy or likely to not be a longer term presence in your life.


Amazing points! The last one about keeping a towel handy is definitely one of those "better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it". ☺️


I feel like there’s two things that I try to live by. 1. Everyone is different, nothing works the same for everyone, so throw out all your ‘tricks’ or whatever and just work with the person as they are. It’s fun to discover, don’t try to impress and don’t assume. And the other is, do not focus on orgasm, ever. Don’t pressure it, don’t chase it, and most important, don’t centre sex around it. The immense joy and pleasure I found when I unlearned centering orgasms. I don’t even know where we get that from.

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