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Sailor Kink

hey all!

OP here wanting to share my experience and hear some tips from you πŸ™‚last week has been an incredible surge of feminine energy for me, i get lines of poetry descend into consciousness, some times i have to pause and write them down, my dreams are intense, vibrant, and off-world.

over and over I'm getting the message, 'your slut era is here!!!', every time I lock eyes with someone there's an energy I haven't been able to access before, and idk what to do with all this lustful energy πŸ˜‚I want to hear about people's experiences rising up to their personal sexual revolution and what it's like for you to put yourself out there and also keeping yourself safe.particularly keen to hear from the solo poly angle, or anyone with a history of c-ptsd πŸ™‚


I'm really looking forward to hearing about everyone's experiences on this! I do something I'm curious about (which is a little off-topic maybe and no obligation to answer): what do you think caused your surge of feminine energy? I'd love to experience it as well hehe

Sailor Kink

yes I'd love to share!I recently went on a trip to India with a bunch of friends from Twitter.

by luck, and pandemic-length friendship cultivated from before, we vibed very well and developed a wholesome intimacy together. by the end of 1 week together, we were visiting bookstores and drinking chai arm in arm πŸ₯ΉI was fed food from a friend's bare fingers, got carried across the road in the crazy traffic, and essentially got into all modes of sensuality that I haven't experienced before, at least not in this intensity. some people say India has that kind of spirit, it just puts you *right in the moment* πŸ˜‚

when I came home, I was hungover from the vulnerability & intimacy shared between friends, not to mention I developed a huge crush on one of them.i later figured out this mad infatuation towards another was actually a crush on *myself*! i had a crush on this person because i saw the qualities in him that i desired for myself, and it was *intoxicating* because I could finally rise to that version of myself when i'm with this crush. rather than feeling heartbroken as we part, i later realised i could use this impetus to help me discover my femininity deeper, not to mention my sexual revolution πŸ”₯


Hey πŸ™‚

I've been doing psychotherapy for the last two years working through C-PTSD and about a year in also found myself being called to exploring sexuality much more deeply and freely. For me what called to me was exploring different BDSM and kink scenes, it came to me a bit like what you're discribing where one day I just had a really clear sense that there would be a great deal of healing potential in letting myself explore and experiment as widely as felt good for me.It was very important for me, especially as someone with C-PTSD and relational trauma, to be incredibly mindful about which communities, events, or people I was exploring this with β€” and I found that approaching with a mindset of sensuality,curiosity, and learning allowed my experiences to transform into deep somatic learning and re-patterning.

As someone who identifies as female, and has been socialized that way my whole life, setting an intention and giving myself permission to discover what do I actually desire, and not what do I interpret people wanting from me was deeply healing and empowering.If you're living in a big city there's likely different scenes or events that you can explore to get you started on this journey. I found that once I found a place that resonated well with me, or met some people who felt like a good match β€” that was a good gateway into discovering more opportunities that suited me. Hope this share helps a bit ❀️ Viva your slut era!!!


Heya! So I've also experienced a very sudden recent surge in energy for exploring sex and sexuality - for me it's happened after recovering from a mental health crisis and having a bunch of past relationship issues activated by someone I've been seeing for a while. A confusing place to be starting from, but one that's made curious and keen to explore nonetheless!This new energy is both exciting and, honestly, a little scary! I'm trying to explore kink/BDSM spaces in my (very large) city, but I'm also trying to open myself up to connecting with new people and just allowing things to take whatever course they might take.

I think that question of "am I off balance right now" is also one that's super important to me - I am having to remind myself often that I don't have to do everything at once, I can take things at a pace that's right for me, even if that sometimes feels very slow.

Sailor Kink

I love the idea of β€˜sex lite’, thank you for that! It feels so empowering to define what sex means to you and what that entails. I think I’m used to thinking about sex with the terms β€˜escalation’ and β€˜how far can I go’ but that assumes it ends up in some kind of penetrative sex or genital touching, which doesn’t have to be the case.


Ohhhh that's super interesting. I definitely had to work through some experiences that could have been a bit retraumatizing while trying to build my muscle to not just slip into freeze or fawn. Honestly, I probably wasn't as careful with my emotional self as maybe would be recommended and pushed myself into situation where I'd just have more opportunities to practice being more vocal, or finding ways to still protect myself, or make clear that I don't want something when I've maybe gone non-verbal.

Looking back now, I would say mentioning things like any patterns with fawn could be helpful to mention before getting physically involved. I realized for myself, I need to be asked if I'm okay with or want things twice, because the first time my fawn response just automatically kicks in... but the second time I've had the chance to actually sense into what I feel

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