do you think throuples are becoming less taboo?

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the last year has seen a surge in throuple/triad rumours, discussions, and media coverage and it has been shown more and more in the mainstream. some believe that this is a good thing: it will help to make more people aware of it and familiarize them with the concept. however, some also think that the way it is being covered is doing more harm than good. we wanted to know what you, the community, think.


Interesting question to which I can’t have an opinion - I don’t follow media much.

having said that - I think this is collateral to general shift of public opinion towards less conservative relationship/sexual options. With stronger LGBT+ presence in so called everyday life throuples follow in to the global consciousness - it is a natural step forward I think, considering that many of them are, at least in some part, LGBT+.

It follows the logic: once people start noticing LGBT+ people like every other persons - having regular relationships - they also start noticing that there are, indeed, not-standard, so to speak, family configurations.


I feel like it’s becoming more of a known thing but only in a fmm/mmm context. I’m less sure about fmm


It's unfortunate that it mostly seems to be packaged as a "man" fantasy. Even though it is now talked about, usually between friends etc., They only mention the possibility of adding another girl.


Yes, but 'throuple' always sounded a bit cringe to me. I think 'triad' is generally preferred in the polyam community


Agreed with ChrisThey are becoming less taboo, but even the feel of the word "throuple" just sounds to me like an extension of a couple. And I feel like the version of triads that are being focused on within media and the socialized version of them tends to be a MFF triad extended from a couple that is a straight man and a bi woman who "add" another woman to their relationship.

And that's always a bit more "monogamy with extra steps" to me


When I was in a primary relationship I think I would have liked it. I always thought I can’t fulfill all my partner’s needs. It’s nice to be able to “outsource”.


Responding to the original question in this group - I’m not aware of it being more shown/normalised with “real life examples” in media nowadays, and I hope it is becoming less taboo outside my own “bubbles” too.


I think everything is becoming less taboo. So yes, being poly, gay, bi, trans, BDSM, it's all becoming less taboo.

I still think media representations of throuples are still bad. I've seen a lot bad of news reports that are like, "Hey, look at this stud guy. He has 2 female partners." And they hardly mention the fact that the women also have a sexual/romantic relationship with each other. Because it's a triad, not pologamy.

I'd say the media does a horrible job portraying all relationships. If a relationship is good and healthy, it's so stable and kind that there's just not enough drama 😜 to make an exciting story.So stories about triads/throuples (movies, tv shows) also tend to be way too dramatic, just like stories about couples. But most people have only witnessed triads through the lens of the media. So people probably think they are inherently more dramatic.

I think from a writers point-of-view, you have more potential dramatic stories when writing about 3 people instead of 2. Just more people with more feelings & more potential conflict.

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