Breast-owners, do you like going topless in public? Why?

snippets of what people shared on campfire.


I usually didn't and suddenly this year I feel like going topless everywhere!


Personally, I love going topless (or, well, entirely naked) within naturist areas or local spas - itโ€™s the best.


I don't think I would feel 100% comfortable with my tits out in public - although it looks liberating when others do it.


I wouldnโ€™t feel comfortable going topless out in public, though I do feel pretty comfortable both topless and entirely unclothed at events specifically allowing that.


I personally wouldnโ€™t but thatโ€™s mainly due to the way others would view it and not how I feel about it.


Yes, at the beach I feel comfortable but not always when at the pool of a hotel.

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