What are the best places to travel alone in Europe (in summer)?

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Hello lovers and/or friends! This year, I'm planning to travel by myself in the summer and was wondering what would be the best places in Europe to travel solo. Specs:🐶 dog-friendly🤗 easy to make friends✊ low in racismIn terms of sea vs mountain, I'm totally agnostic. So feel free to propose anything, regardless of the scenery.


One place I would recommend is Lake Bled in Slovenia. I went there in my youth inter-railing and it was beautifulCastle in a lake amongst the mountains


Corsica ❤️ Paradise in Europe


I went to the animation festival in Annecy, in France near the swiss border, alone a few years ago, and enjoyed the festival, being a huge animation nerd, but also loved the city, it has a similar vibe to Venice with the canals and the old city, but not packed with tourists. It also has a lot of amazing hiking paths around the lake

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