6 Necessary Things to Consider while Planning an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Wedding

Here's how to make sure no one feels left out at your wedding.

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June 24, 2021
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Wedding planning can be quite stressful and creating the perfect day that celebrates the creation of a new family certainly takes a lot of efforts. On such a happy and fun day, it is even more important to make all guests feel welcomed and accounted for.


Here's how you can do that:

Tip #1: Choose your wedding venue wisely.

Make sure the venue offers gender-neutral bathrooms and direction signs. You can always make those yourself and have them match your theme, if it is allowed!

Tip #2: Steer away from imposed dress codes.

Adopt a color scheme instead to allow your guests to show their personalities through their clothing -and offering them a variety of options to choose from. This is a powerful way to avoid gender normative rules and welcome diversity in your wedding ceremony.

Tip #3: Inclusive invitations.

Drop gender-normative titles like Miss, Mr, Mrs, etc. on wedding invitations to avoid making assumptions about how someone likes to be titled.

Tip #4: Drop the seating chart.

Informal seating arrangements are much better to eradicate the dreadful singles table, which can make folks feel excluded and condemned to only mingle with other singles.

Tip #5: Gender-inclusive rituals.

It is also necessary, and important, to make certain gendered or relationship-specific wedding rituals such as catching the bouquet or the garter available to anyone who wants to join regardless of gender identification

Tip #6: Keep it judgement-free.

Try to steer discussions away from sensitive topics or comments that might imply that living a certain way is the right way. For example, make sure to not set having children, getting married, or dating as the standard in life -or as a necessary step in it.


our take.

Something for you to try that we do at LVRSNFRNDS is to have guests add their names and pronouns to their nameplates or nametags to avoid mishaps between guests, not leave anything to chance, and to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity.