Here are 8 Possible Reasons Why you Just Got Ghosted

Here's why they might ghost you instead of communicating

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September 22, 2021
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Being ghosted is often an emotionally draining experience that can leave a person questioning every word and move that lead up to that very moment. While it can trigger self-doubt, it often leads to the development of lasting distrust in others. Therefore, It is important to uncover the different possible reasons that someone might have ghosted you instead of expressing explicitly their desire to stop communication in order to ease some of that distrust and self-doubt.

#1: Fear of personal conflict.

They didn't enjoy the date and cannot figure out how to express their feelings without hurting you and your feelings.

#2: Fear of intimacy.

The relationship might have moved a little too fast or got a little too intimate for their comfort but they didn't know how to communicate it.

#3: First date addiction.

They had no intentions of taking the relationship further from the start and just enjoyed the thrill of meeting someone new.

#4: It was their own way of practicing self-care.

Unbeknownst to you, you're made them uncomfortable in some way, and they feel like they need to protect themselves.

#5: Mismatched needs.

You didn't match their dating style, texting frequency or preference, or their love language and communication broke do,

#6: Take a hint.

They made it clear multiple times to you that they weren't into you but you just failed to take the hint and move on.

#7: Low self-esteem.

They convinced themselves that you're too good for them and didn't want to admit it to you -so they chose to silently step away.

#8: Life got in the way.

Their personal or professional struggles caused the communication to breakdown and they didn't know how/aren't ready yet to try to amend it.


our take.

It is often easier to pass judgement on the person ghosting as being rude or mean, and sometimes that is the case, however, it is also important to grant folks the benefit of the doubt -that their actions did not necessarily come from a place of evil, but rather the lack of communicative skills.