Here’s How You Can Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

How to not fail your new year’s resolutions and healthy ones to adopt for 2022

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January 4, 2022
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Happy new year’s everyone! Now that all the festivities are done and everything is finding its usual place again, you’re probably wondering what to do with 2022 and what kind of goals you should aim for. A new year can always serve as a starting afresh point for a lot of people to gain some motivation to work towards taking better care of themselves and their dreams.

It is also almost always followed by disappointment at not being able to stick to those resolutions and falling back into the same patterns of the previous year. We’ve all seen the memes and jokes about failing the goals you set in January and losing all that passionate motivation as soon as February rolls around.

But, what if we could tell you that the reason this has been happening to you is not that you’re incapable of change but rather that you’re not doing this whole new year’s resolutions the right way? Yes, it’s not you.

Here are our top tips to set you on the right track to nailing this year’s resolution and actually sticking to them!

6 tips to help you stick to your 2022 resolutions

Tip #1: Set yourself up for success

Giving yourself the best chances to not fail this year’s resolutions starts the moment you picture them in your mind. Creating and putting down realistic goals that can be achieved within the year will set you up for success more than attempting to cater to higher-than-doable expectations that you’ve adopted because of the external pressure to have them. Start with what you can do.

Tip #2: Go smaller

We’ve all written down at some point “get my shit together” as a new year’s resolution (no? just me?) and the thing is, you’re more likely to reach that goal (or whatever other goal) by setting smaller checking points that you can unlock to attain it.

Tip #3: Now, go even smaller

Once you have those smaller steps to take, jot down activities and actions that you can do day-to-day to cross out those steps and create routines that set you up for growth. It can be anything from going off your phone an hour before you sleep to be more productive the next day or scheduling time to get back to people’s messages in order to be better at maintaining your friendship. It doesn’t have to be big.

Tip #4: Keep them where you can see them.

Whether that’s the first page of your diary/journal, your phone or laptop’s background, or on a piece of paper on your wall, keeping your goals somewhere you can see them at least once a day will serve as an active reminder and focus point to follow them.

Tip #5: Trust the process

Growth takes time. Don’t expect to see changes as soon as you start your journey; there will be hiccups along the way, frustration, and joy. Embrace all the emotions as they come along and remind yourself that it will take time and that’s OK. You’re in it for the long run.

Tip #6: Be flexible

Allow yourself the flexibility to get tired, take breaks, and change your mind. Your goals are not set in stone, they’re bound to change as the year progresses and your needs, availability, plans, and motivation change too. Be kind to yourself and always remember that you own this. This is your process and you’re allowed to change your mind about it.

Alternatively, you might be here because everyone else is posting about their great ambitions for 2022 and you’re not quite sure where to begin. We have something for you as well! Here’s our list of new year’s resolutions to adopt. Keep in mind to approach them using the 6 tips above for maximum benefit!

6 new year’s resolutions for 2022 you should adopt

#1: Start saying no to things that don’t bring you joy. Whether it’s at work, with family and friends, or in your relationships, use this new beginning to start expressing your unavailability to people around you. Become someone easy to say no to as well and slowly learn to become more comfortable with the word, both in saying and hearing it.

#2: Set boundaries and enforce them. You deserve to have your personal space respected by those around you. It is also important to ask other people’s boundaries and respect them. It’s a mutual effort that goes a long way. Make 2022 a year for these kinds of conversations in your life.

#3: Allow more time to explore new things, passions, and hobbies. Being curious is what pushes us forward in life and advances our journey towards finding what works best for us. Read a new book, go to a new social event, try out a different style, etc.

#4: Leave behind the notion that you need to progress at a certain pace. In 2022, follow your own speed that caters to your own comfort level and preference. Life is not a competition and there is no unique reward for those who finish first.

#5: This year will be the year you put yourself first. You’re the main character of your life and you need to start acting like it. Full disclaimer: this is not a free pass to disregarding everyone else on this planet but an encouragement to be your own priority.

#6: Invest in your relationships and communities. Whether it’s your family, friends, lovers, or partners, take time in 2022 to let the people in your life that you’re grateful that they’re part of your life and find ways to connect and spend more quality time with them.

our take.

The start of the new year is often a good opportunity to recharge your motivation for growth but it can also bring on a lot of stress and anxiety over not being able to live up to the expectations we’re supposed to set in January. Therefore, If there is one thing we would like you to leave with after reading this article is that it’s also perfectly OK to treat this as another normal day of the year and not buy into the trend of making resolutions. What’s important is to always actively work towards bettering your relationship with yourself, other people, and the world and you don’t need a specific day for that!