Killing Kittens Review

Considering Killing Kittens? The crowd, dress code, music, price, and everything else you need to know is here. From us to you.

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October 7, 2021
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WTF is Killing Kittens?

Let's pretend for a minute Kubrick would organise Eyes Wide Shut parties with the SDC crowd (Swingers Date Club). Think Massimo Dutti-jet-setters, faux-smopolitan vibe with a secret society twist. Be prepared for a marketing differing from reality. Shocking, I know. As you can well imagine, KK's not our cup of tea, but let's review it.

How did Killing Kittens start?

Started in 2005 in London by Emma Sayles to allow women to be as open and non-judgementally sexual as men, Killing Kittens has since then expanded worldwide (from LA to Sydney via Dubai). In short, Emma created female-first events to fight patriarchy, one sex party, yet heteronormative, at a time (sigh).

Who is Killing Kittens for?

Are you tired of Le Boudoir cum stained carpets or afraid of the younger/queerer crowd at Crossbreed? Do you prefer a more hushed atmosphere with solvent straight couples and single cis-women? If you have said yes to at least 2 questions, then you'll love Killing Kittens.

Is Killing Kittens members only?

Partnered women need to be registered members to attend their events. Single women can attend without membership. Of course they can.

What's the dress code at Killing Kittens?

Don’t believe the hype about socialites, glamazons and model-beautiful people everywhere; the crowd is similar to what you'd come across in the tube. Dress code is less enforced than their blurb on their website implies ("Beautiful cocktail dresses for women, smart suits for men"). Check their Pinterest in case you're not sure.

What are Killing Kittens rules?

🧟 At most parties, no single men are allowed unless they're accompanied by sex workers*.

😹 You must call women 'kittens' and men 'toms'.

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Only women can approach someone for sex.

😒 Men cannot have sex with other men (unspoken rule) .

🎭 Masks (Venetian not COVID) are mandatory (at least until a certain hour).

πŸ›‚ Entry is subject to signing a non-disclosure agreement (LOL).

*Don't get me wrong, we support sex work and are against bigotry, I just wanted to point the stupidity of such rule.

How inclusive is Killing Kitten?

Seriously, can you be an inclusive space where single men are persona non grata? Where male on male sex is not welcome? How can you be inclusive with this team behind? And with promotional material where Black women are "strong" by default? If you're white, just search for "strong Black woman" on the Internet, you'll soon realise how this stereotype is dangerous for the concerned parties (no pun intended). According to their website, "100% of their Pride merch (which is by the way nowhere to be found) sales profits get donated to the LGBT Foundation to help support change for the LGBTQ+ community" though.

Where to find Killing Kittens tickets and how much?

Between Β£75 (single cis-women) and Β£200+ (straight cis-couples). Their ticket booth is in-house (you'll need their app to buy them).

Alternatives to Killing Kittens?

In London, probably Fever (where KK founder has learned the ropes). In Paris, Les Chandelles libertine club (where it's mandatory for women to wear skirts). Elsewhere, any Luxury-themed swinger parties.

our take.

Killing Kittens is, for us, a pure contradiction in terms. You cannot pretend to liberate women while practicing gender pricing, biphobia, and hackneyed clichΓ©s around race, gender roles and queerness. We're sorry Emma, but stating that "The Rules have changed" is not enough to challenge the statu quo. If you're not discouraged by our review (bad publicity is still publicity), we suggest you to attend as a group and make it an anthropology class field trip.