Solo-polyamory: What is it and is it right for you?

Questioning if solo-poly is for you? We might have the answers!

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March 7, 2022
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In solo-polyamory, a solo-polyamorous person is open to having multiple partners but doesn’t seek to enter serious or committed relationships. They prefer to preserve their autonomy and independence while also dating and seeing other people.

In recent years, solo-polyamory has been gaining popularity amongst people who enjoy the solitude life while also not wanting to give up on dating and creating meaningful non-platonic relationships with other people. Because you can, indeed, have it all! It’s revolutionary in the sense that it gears away from most of the amatonormative bullshit (excuse the french!) that society has been engraving in us since birth. 

Within this amatonormativity, happiness and fulfilment are often associated with commitment and longevity, the value of a relationship is also often associated with the time spent in it, when in fact, happiness and fulfilment come from having your needs taken into consideration and from living as your true authentic selves. Societal norms often push us into adopting certain frameworks and lifestyles that don’t necessarily reflect what we truly want and one of these frameworks are relationship escalators and hitting the big milestones of setting titles, moving in together, getting married, having children, etc. that some people don’t quite relate to or find happiness in picturing. 

Solo-polyamory is a breakthrough for people who don’t want to subscribe to these relationship milestones for a period of time or for the entirety of their lives. So, as you may imagine, solo-polyamory isn’t for everyone–as with literally everything else that exists. You have to have certain characteristics that would ensure that you would thrive, not just survive, in this alternative relationship. If you’re here, then you’re either considering solo-polyamory and are curious to see if it would work for you or you’re already. For you, dear friend, we have made the perfect test:

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It's important to always remember that relationships and life in general are a constant work in progress, you experience and from those experiences, you build the future that is best for you and your needs. Whatever your results might be, keep in mind that your journey to self-discovery never ends. Keep in touch with what's good for you, be kind to others, and give yourself space to ask questions, learn and make mistakes.