The 5 Practical Tips to Deal With Getting Ghosted

Here's how you can minimize the effect of being ghosted both before and after it happens

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October 2, 2021
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Ghosting is becoming more and more of an issue in today's world, fueled by both online and dating toxic cultures. Most advice out there will try to sell you on how to stop yourself from getting ghosted. Well, newsflash: it's often completely out of your control! You can, however, learn how to cope with it. ⁠⁠Here's how:

Tip #1: Go with the flow.

Whether that's time, attention, or expectations, being mindful of what you're getting from them prevents you from investing too much and getting too disappointed.

Tip #2: Be ready.

Make Β sure you are prepared not only for a relationship but also to deal with rejection before joining the dating scene again.

Tip #3: Welcome your feelings.

Allow yourself to go through the pain without judging yourself or your feelings too much. They are valid and there for a reason!

Tip #4: Don't blame yourself.

Don't tear yourself down by listing all the shortcomings that might have caused it. Most times, it's not even you, it's them. Yes, them.

Tip #5: Talk to someone.

This can be a friend, family, or complete strangers on the internet. Find a support group that fits your comfort and let it all out.


our take.

Always remember that It's not a "you" thing. Ghosting has sadly become so normalized that it is a frequent experience for most people willing to put themselves out there. It's not because of you, it's a wider issue that needs to be solved. You're not the only one!